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Belned secundary glazing is the ideal (and affordable) additional (post-construction) insulation solution. Our secundary glazing keep out draughts, cold and heat, and improve your home’s sound insulation. We offer a wide range of secundary glazing in various models and sizes.

Belned aluminium secundary glazing:

  • has an insulating effect – the insulation value of (single) glazing increases by 50-80%.
  • is cheaper than HR glass.
  • is available in almost every shape and size.
  • is available in different glass thicknesses (4, 6, 8 and 10 mm, 3-3-2 / 4-4-2 / 5-5-2 and 6-6-2). Specific thicknesses (3-3-2 / 4-4-2) can also be delivered pre-covered with acoustic foil, which further increases the sound-insulating effect.
  • can be fitted quickly and easily without having to make alterations to existing constructions.
  • is ideal for buildings in which the window frames cannot support double glazing or in which the original character of the window has to be preserved, as is the case with monumental buildings.
  • is attractive and highly durable. No breakage due to thermal stress.
  • is virtually maintenance free (except for periodically cleaning the frame). The glass is scratch-resistant, is non-static and does not attract dirt.
  • is available in practically every RAL colour.
  • has a standard five-year warranty. The rubber components have a ten-year warranty.

Belned also continues to innovate to provide increasingly more and better areas of application. For example, it is now also possible to have wooden-frame secundary glazing made that can be painted in any desired colour. You can read all about the latest developments in our news section.

In addition, Belned supplies Duraview horizontal and vertical sliding windows. Furthermore, we can supply a special lift-out system, which enables a standard secundary glazing to be mounted in a recessed opening.

Belned’s Ventiview secundary glazing are fitted with additional hinges from which the pin can be removed and replaced with a stainless steel hook so that the window can be opened, for example, for ventilation purposes.

Belned is of course also the go-to supplier for all the components for your secundary glazing.

Would you like more information about our secundary glazing or are you looking for a tailor-made solution?

Contact us by emailing to or calling +31 (0)162 576 576. Our staff would be glad to assist you.

Belned news:

Belned is now also PEFC certified.

Belned B.V. is now PEFC-certified in addition to FSC® (and KOMO-) (Certificate number: SKH-PEFC-COC-5319)

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Gratis Megagun GB

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