Belned supplies sealants, foams and cleaners for most common applications under its own label: Mega. Our Mega series consists of:

Acrylate sealants:

  • Megacryl Exterior: immediate-action rainproof acrylate sealant
  • Megacryl Interior: universal paintable acrylate sealant

Adhesive sealants:

  • MegaFix 302: professional MS Polymer adhesive sealant
  • MegaStrong: universal adhesive with a tight initial bond

Hybrid kit:

  • MegaFlex Pro: universal, easily paintable glazing sealant

Silicon sealants:

  • MegaAll-round: high-quality, neutral hardening sealant
  • MegaSeal Extra: construction and glazing sealant with limited paintability
  • Prefab Seal: constructional silicon sealant


  • Fire protect: durable flame and fire retardant insulation and construction foam
  • PU Foam Construction: insulation and construction foam
  • PU Gunfoam Flex: construction and sealant foam developed for a caulking gun
  • PU Gunfoam Low Expansion: construction and sealant foam developed for application with a caulking gun


  • MegaClean: universal cleaner


  • MegaFinish

The technical datasheets for these and the corresponding CE declarations are available on our downloads page.

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