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Accoya wood is the best alternative to tropical hardwood! Accoya is the brand name of a type of timber produced from fast growing and sustainably managed forests in Chile and New Zealand. Accoya wood is known for its high durability (durability classification 1) and its dimensional stability, which surpasses even the best tropical woods. Accoya wood is FSC® certified as standard.

The most important properties of Accoya wood:

  • best durability classification
  • non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable
  • retention of natural beauty and strength
  • service life of a minimum of 50 years above ground and 25 years submerged and/or in contact with water
  • measurable and guaranteed quality through the entire grain of the wood
  • increased resistance to fungi and insects
  • high resistance to UV radiation with a transparent finish
  • exceptional dimensional stability
  • significantly better thermal insulation properties compared with most common types of wood
  • easy to process and coat
  • ideal for surface treatment

Using Accoya reduces the amount of maintenance. Because Accoya is virtually not susceptible to expansion or shrinkage, it can be coated with practically every type of paint.

Belned always keeps a number of standard Accoya glazing bead articles in stock. Other types are available on request. See our glazing bead chart for a complete overview of our products.

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Belned news:

Belned is now also PEFC certified.

Belned B.V. is now PEFC-certified in addition to FSC® (and KOMO-) (Certificate number: SKH-PEFC-COC-5319)

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