Development of double window systems

Belned double windows are the ideal (and affordable) additional (post-construction) insulation solution. Our double windows keep out draughts, cold and heat, and improve your home’s sound insulation. We offer a wide range of double windows in various models and sizes. Belned continues to innovate to find more and better areas of application.

  • For example, the Duraview 7000 system was introduced in 2019. The Duraview 7000 system is a vertical sliding window with a clever tilting system so that the double window can be cleaned from the inside more easily.
  • The existing Ventiview double windows can be opened and locked in position so that they do not blow shut. In 2018, Belned launched the ‘Lift-Out double window’. With this system, a double window can be mounted in a recessed opening using a special profile.
  • In addition to aluminium profiles, it is now also possible to make double windows from wood and to supply them in a variety of colours.
  • Belned is also working on fire-retardant double windows, which will probably be launched in 2019.

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